What is Website Domain-Hosting? Why is domain-hosting required for a website?

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Today we will discuss a great topic and that is, What is the domain and hosting of the website? Or what is domain-hosting? Why domain-hosting is required for a website. What is the specific work of these? We will discuss these issues in detail step-by-step. Domain and hosting are very important things for a website. It is said that, after creating a website, domain and hosting are very important and popular to sustain it. Needless to say, now we know the details about domain and hosting.

What is a domain? Why do websites need domains?

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Domain is the name of a website. For example, www.google.com is the domain of google.com here. Moreover, this domain is needed first to create a website. There are different types of domains online. This domain can give a popular and cool look by changing the name of your website. For example here below I have added many types of domain extensions names
.xyz etc.

What is web hosting? Why is web hosting needed for websites?

Website hosting is a certain amount of space. Don’t understand? No problem, let’s talk a little more openly! Suppose now you build a house, first you will need land. Without this land you cannot build a house. That’s why you have to buy a land now. Since land is required to build a house. In the same way, if you want to build a website, you have to buy a land to keep your website. And this land of yours is called web hosting. Many of you may be wondering why hosting is needed? In fact, a space is really needed to store the data on the website. This is exactly why your website needs hosting. If you want to create a website, you need to have detailed knowledge about this web hosting.

Types of Web hosting

There are usually 5 types of web hosting. These are:

Share Hosting

By now you may have known that, you have to spend money to buy any hosting. If you don’t have enough money, you can take share hosting if you want. This shared hosting usually involves sharing the hosting with another person. However, there will be no problem if you take share hosting in the initial stage.
But if you want to offer this hosting, before you buy it, you must know who you have bought the hosting from. How are the people from whom you are buying the hosting service? How is the up-time? Is there a money-back guarantee? Etc. should be taken care of.
Now if the up-time is below 99.95 then don’t take hosting from them.


WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is better than share hosting discussed above. But keep in mind that this WordPress hosting is also a type of shared hosting. However, this WordPress hosting is faster and more secure than shared hosting. Moreover it is optimized. This is exactly why your website will be fast. And there will be no chance of the server going down. But keep in mind that you will only get the opportunity to use WordPress e-scripts here.
You cannot use any other script on your website. However, the cost of WordPress hosting is a little higher than other hosting. I hope you will check and choose from a trusted and popular company when making a purchase.

Cloud Hosting

Your website will definitely get a lot of traffic at one time or another. And when you see this traffic your website has increased. Then your website can no longer load. Just then you will need cloud hosting. And this cloud hosting works much faster than other hosting. The reason is that the files will be in the cloud, that is, on the Internet. There is no specific amount to purchase this hosting key. But you have to pay the rent the way you work.

VPS Hosting

You need to take this hosting when your website becomes popular. But it is not obligatory to take it. What this hosting may need to meet the needs of your website. VPS hosting can take more load than WordPress hosting. Moreover, there are other benefits with this hosting.
This is exactly why your website will become much faster. And this VPS hosting bill has to be paid every month. And the price of this VPS hosting is between 5 Dollars to 50 Dollars. Before purchasing this VPS hosting, you must check and choose. Because there are many scammers online who can lure you into the campaign by showing greed for less money.

Dedicated Hosting

Many of you may have heard the name of dedicated hosting. You will not have any obligation on this dedicated hosting. As in other hosting, you were being given a room in a building. Or a part of the room you purchased and went to your website. But with this dedicated hosting here you are getting a whole building very easily.
And no matter how much traffic comes to your website, you don’t have to face any problem for it. But keep in mind, the price of this dedicated hosting is a little higher. Even in this small country, we have to pay 50 Dollars to 500 Dollars month for dedicated hosting.
If you want to run your website by purchasing this hosting, then of course we hope to buy hosting by contracting with a trusted and popular company.

The Conclusion

From today’s article we can learn or know what is the domain and hosting of the website? And why is this domain hosting need for building a website? What is the purpose of the website? I discussed these topics in details with price in this article. If you like the article, please follow and encourage. If you have any questions or remarks about the article, be sure to let us know your valuable opinion.

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