What is Google Docs and How to use? Basic tutorial, Tips and Tricks

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Google Docs

Google is the world largest tech giant, they lead whole the tech world. Google Docs is a popular and useful products of Google. It’s looks like MicroSoft Word but it’s based on Cloud server. In simple words, Google Docs is a cloud-based Google product with all the features you will require to create, edit, practise and share documents.

Google offers a range of applications designed for people who work online. Integration with Google Drive cloud storage capabilities allows you to access and work on your documents from anywhere. Switching to Google Docs can be a daunting task as there are many new features to discover and the Docs editing interface may seem unfamiliar. You can start using Google Docs by following a few simple steps, and knowing more about the various features of this tool will help you become a Google Docs master in a very short time.

1. Sign up a Google Account

You need to sign up for a Google account to use Google Docs. It is completely free to basic use, and your account gives you access to Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube, as well as the entire Drive suite and other all Google product.

To make a Google Account, go to the registration page, enter your information. Our end! You now have a Google Account. If you already have an account, log in as normal.

2. Open Google Docs

There are many ways to entrance Google Docs, based on your gadget. You can install Google Docs from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store Play or tap on the Google products image in the above-right corner of the Google any page. You have to now tap on the Docs button.

On the other hand, you can manage to Google Drive and select Google Docs among the My Drive menu at the above, or pick Google Docs when you’ve tapped new on the left side of the page. The final choice is to manage straight to Google Docs. Formerly you’ve open the web app, you will be prepared to make a document.

3. Make a Document

To create a new document, at the top right of the main Google Docs page, click on the empty page with the multi-colored unite icon inside it. If you can’t trace this icon image, scroll up to see it or scroll down to tap the multi- colored plus sign icon image in the lower right corner of your screen. Once you do that, the above blank page icon will reappear at the top of your screen with multiple colors added. Click on it to open a new document.

If you are using a touch screen device, such as a Pixel Book, to edit a document, double-click the document to begin typing. You can add many things to your document and modify text, paragraphs, spacing, and more.

4. Start working On Google Docs

Once you have made a document, you are ready to work now. You can add a title or your docs file name, click Untitled Document in the above left side. You can manage or control font type, text size, and more via the toolbar at the upper side of the page. If you are not see the title or your docs name or menu bar at the above of the page, these functions are may be hidden. If yes, tap on the bellows shaft in the upper-right side to see it.

5. Share & work with others

Share Google Docs & work with others

Share Google Docs & work with others

One of the best features of Google Docs is the ability to create shareable links that allow anyone to view, suggest, or modify the document. Instead of sending the file over and over to colleagues, you can edit it and consult everyone at once, as if you were stuck on the same computer in real time. The only difference is that everyone has their own text entry pointer to use on their PC.

From the document you want to share, click the blue Share button to choose how to send the link to your file and with whom. You can enter an email address yourself or click “Get Shareable Link” in the top corner to distribute the invitation yourself.


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