What is Dropbox- History, Popularity and Benefits

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What is Dropbox

Dropbox is a leading cloud file hosting platform. A great alternative for those searching for a simple-to-use and low charge cloud storage platform. This is an attractive and popular cloud storage platform that can be habituated to store and share files in the cloud, which matters that you can easily store and back up your soft files from anywhere. In simple words, You have some files, photos, music or anything in your home computer and you are using Dropbox. If you have uploaded your files on Dropbox cloud platform, That means you get these files when you come to your office computer, your laptop, mobile, and tablet, etc by using Dropbox Apps or Web account. You can delete, open, edit anything from your all other devices using Dropbox account or apps. Also you can share any file or folder to other person.


Benefits of using Dropbox

Using Dropbox can be much useful for businesses or personal uses. Here in this article I am sharing with you some benefits of this platform.  Mainly It is FREE to use, When one user register for a Dropbox account, the user automatically get 2 GB free cloud storage scope. Additionally, there have a paid alternative that will provide you up to 2 TB of scope. Dropbox is Easy-To-Use and everyone can entry this tool by connecting with Internet. A user can simply download and install the application or login on digital devices and computer. Dropbox files are encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard protocol so it is much secure. This application is enough Mobile Friendly with iOS or Android devices. Also it is working best with other digital devices. File sharing and collaboration is another good feature of dropbox. You can easily share your file with other people with password protect or non. Also there have many more extra facilities for using Dropbox like Backup, Recovery, works without internet etc.


Dropbox user count

Dropbox is started in 2008, the platform hit the discover of 100 million users after 4 years. Now a day, Dropbox has over 700 million registered users world wide.


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Source: Investor Dropbox

YearRegistered users
2018500 million
2019600 million
2020700 million

Source: Statista.com

According to statista.com, In year 2011 Dropbox had 25 million registered users. And some more year stats follow below.

YearRegistered users
2012100 million
2013200 million
2014300 million

In Year 2015 number increased to 400 million, year 2016 more than 400 million, and year 2017 they hit almost 500 million according to Statista. Following the user amounts we can call Dropbox is huge popular cloud platform in world.


Country wise Dropbox users

Dropbox have registered users across 180 countries all over the world. In a current usage analysis of Dropbox, it has discovered that Dropbox is mainly using in the United States.

NationalPercentage %

Source and to get more information visit https://enlyft.com/tech/products/dropbox

Alternative of Dropbox

In a recent report dropbox is much much popular cloud storage platform. But still Dropbox have many good competitor in current tech world. The top competitor of Dropbox is Google Drive, Google Drive is a product of world leading tech giant Google. Another competitor is OneDrive, One Drive is a platform of Microsoft. Also there have many alternative cloud storage platform like, iCloud, pCloud, NextCloud, ownCloud, MEGA etc.




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