New Feature of Instagram “Add Your” Stories sticker wants to inspire users debate

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(photo credit: instagram)

(photo credit: instagram)

Instagram reported today 2nd November 2021 that it’s launching a new “Add Yours” sticker that generates public motifs in Stories. The sticker for stories called “Add Yourself“.

The Instagram’s twitter account has a tweet about the new feature, user can see an profile using Add Yours to appear them their ‘wear of the day’. Tap the sticker to see who acknowledged to your ad prompt and the story’s reaction is openly seen.

You can go the series by simply clicking the ‘Add Yours’ button and uploading your story in reaction.

“With custom ensouls and public feedback, you can share stickers and see who replies to it in their stories,” Instagram tweeted.


You can entry the new feature of instagram by tapping the sticker gear from the up navigation pole when you taking or upload photo or short video to Story. From at that place, you can chosen the “Add Yours” sticker to launch a open motifs. Alternatively, you can reaction for an “Add Yours” sticker by tapping on it and adding your personal Story to take part in a series.

The beginning of this new sticker comes as Instagram has made its Link sticker available in Stories to all users, having previously limited it to businesses and high-profile creators. The global availability of these two new stickers is intended to give users a way to collaborate and share their interests, as Instagram continues to compete with other social media platforms.

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