Linux Operating System is a best alternative for Windows users

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Hello Tech Guys…. Welcome back to us once again. Did you ever thought have you a most better alternative to Windows? Are you felt bored using Windows? or Does Windows cost too much? At the same time, need a new operating system -OS that doesn’t cost anything? Today I will share about an operating system that’s looks and working almost same as windows. So Today you are getting an alternative for Windows! There are many alternative operating system but not gives you a better experience. But one operating system shall really give you the best possible Windows experience on there. This operating system name is Linux OS.

What is Linux OS

You are better known with Windows, iOS, and Mac OS – Linux is a same operating system. Indeed one of the most popular platforms on the world, Android is powered by the Linux operating system. An operating system is a program that manages all hardware resources related to your desktop or laptop computer. Simply put, the operating system manages the communication between your software and your hardware. The program will not work without the operating system (OS). Linux is one of the most reliable, secure and worry-free operating systems. Today I just wanna share all the info you need to get up to go on the Linux OS.

Distribution of Linux OS

A Linux distribution, often shortened to Linux distro and is an operating system compiled from several open source projects and components created by programmers. Linux distributions compile code from open source projects and combine it into a single operating system that you can install and run. Linux distributions can be used for personal use such as desktop computers, servers without a graphical interface, supercomputers, mobile devices, and home theater computers and embedded systems. Being open source software, anyone can distribute their Linux by merging it with the source code or modifying an existing distribution. Currently, over 300 Linux distributions are actively maintained.


10 Popular Linux distributions names are below:

  • Linux Mint

  • Manjaro

  • Debian

  • Ubuntu

  • Elementary OS

  • Solus

  • Fedora

  • Zorin OS

  • Deepin

  • SUSE Linux


So here are some famous and popular Linux distributions. Whether you are new to Linux or wondering which Linux distribution to choose to start your journey, the best thing about the distro is that you need to be familiar with its packaged approach to be able to use it. is not needed. I will describe more about every popular distro in future in this blog, stay connected.





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