How to Install Free SSL Certificate in cPanel

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How to Install Free SSL Certificate in cPanel | Bangla Tutorial | HTTP to HTTPS

How to Install Free SSL Certificate in cPanel. Creating and installing an SSL certificate for a website is an easy task and can be done in just 10 to 15 minutes or less. But some new bloggers still do not know how to install free SSL certificate on their website. So in this article, I will show you how to install a free SSL certificate on your website using cPanel.

Online security has grown over the years, primarily due to certificate creation credentials. SSL certificates enable HTTPS and provide sophisticated encryption of sensitive data on your website ensuring that no data is passed in plain text. Encrypted data is an easy target for hackers and can lead to the theft of your customers’ accounts or payment details.


Video Lesson Showing How to Install Free SSL Certificate in cPanel

This video session will shows you Install Free SSL Certificate in cPanel, Video lesson is very helpful for any tutorial, I always tell everywhere video tutorial is best for learning a lesson.



What is an SSL Certificate?

Simply put, SSL is a green padlock that you will see in the navigation bar of your browser. You must have visited many websites through SSL, which means that the data sent through the website is secure. SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer) this is the ideal security strategy for creating an encrypted link between a web server and your browser (using a secure protocol) called “transit encryption“. It encrypts data and communications upon transmission and ensures that all data transmitted is secure (data is not sent in plain text). By encrypting and securing any data that goes through this connection, you help prevent any data theft or hacking. Also, if any data from this connection is stolen, it is impossible to interpret because it is encrypted.

An SSL certificate carrying the following info:

  • The certificate owner's name,
  • The certificate's sequence number and expiration date,
  • A copy of the certificate owner's public key,
  • The digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority.

Why SSL Certificate Is So Important

SSL helps protect sensitive information between our computers and servers. The data sent to the server is encrypted using SSL and no one can steal your data. Since 2017, Google has started displaying “not secure” on sites that don’t use SSL. As the backbone of secure Internet, SSL protects all sensitive information when traveling on the World Wide Web. Must have an SSL certificate, even if your site does not handle sensitive information about your visitors.

Here below some of important reason to having SSL Certificate –

  • SSL Provides Authentication
  • SSL Encrypted Private Information
  • SSL Provide Trust
  • SSL Is Required For PCI Compliance

How to Install Free SSL Certificate in cPanel

Installing SSL Certificate is actually simple and quick. Today I will describe about how to doing the task. So follow my whole article, it’s so simple- step by step guide to install SSL Certificate on your website. There are lots of Free SSL Certificate option in current tech world. The most popular free ssl certificate provider is Let’s Encrypt. Millions of companies, and public institutions are using Let’s Encrypt ssl certificates to make a secure connection with internet users all over the world. Here below in this article I added some step to install free ssl certificate.


1. Download Free SSL Certificate

Before installing ssl certificate at first you should need to create and download the certificate files from a website called- its another name is Let’s Encrypt, It is a trusted open source certificate provider which provide you free SSL for your website.

Step 1 – To download free SSL files go to

Step 2 – Paste your domain and next step is you have to verify your domain.

Step 3 – Click on manual verification, After domain verification Download ssl certificate files from their website.

Step 4 – After downloaded files of SSL certificate, Now Login to cPanel.

Step 5 – Find SSL/TLS option, Then click on Manage SSL sites> Configure SSL or Manage SSL Certificate.

Step 6 – So now your are on, Manage SSL Hosts “This interface lets you configure SSL for your domains.” Domain section <Select a domain<select your domain.

Step 7 – Now update the Private Key, CSR, and Certificate. Just open downloaded files and copy paste the 3 codes.

Step 8 – Now click on Install Certificate.

A few moment later, you will see a message is “Done! SSL certificate is installed successfully.”

How to Install Free SSL Certificate in cPanel | Bangla Tutorial | HTTP to HTTPS

How to Install Free SSL Certificate in cPanel | Bangla Tutorial | HTTP to HTTPS

2. Force your website from HTTP to HTTPS

After installing SSL certificate you have to do change your site from HTTP to HTTPS and redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

To Redirect all HTTP links to HTTPS go to your .htaccess file and paste this code –

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] is the best site to get free SSL on your website using cPanel and install a free SSL certificate with this simple tutorial. Remember that an SSL certificate is only for 3 months and you need to renew your SSL every 3 months. Share the post with your friends and comment if you have any question or suggestion.




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