How to Enable or Disable Blogger’s Comments section from Pages and Posts

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How to Enable or Disable Blogger Comments in Pages and Posts

Having a lots of visitor comments one of the desired SEO gestures. It can boosts to raise your dominance and also on page optimisation. Whereas Google AI bot able to run into your blogspot comments and it immediately helps to assist your visitors and distribute existence. So, I means; it is must to know how to enable or disable blogger’s comments from your blogspot’s post and posts.

This content will explore you through the required you need to know about comments on, and lead you through a quick and step by step guide on how to enable or disable comments section on posts or pages that is published on Blogger Blogspot. Will guide…. Follow through!

Comments: Profits and Troubles

Earlier when you determine in case to enable or disable comments section on your publicised posts in blogger blogspot, inspect some of their profits and spoiling  below:

On the flip side, comments can build a best blog in multiple process. Comments always offshoot a monologue into a conversation and make a society. And occasionally, the wealth lies in the comments section itself. Plus, they increase your SEO function whereas all type search engines thought comments as well. So, what is the practical causes for disabling comments section on your own blogspot blog?

On the other side, the biggest usual cause some of bloggers disable comments on their blogspot is because all of their comments item gets junked owing to self-boosting, spam, and sometimes worsened comments. And what’s more, costing time to moderating comments can expend a significant amount of your productivity. One more cause for stopping comment section can be to minimise the loading duration of the blog-site because each comment wants its own database query or request, which adds up.

But still it is also true that without comments a post somehow looks unfinished and hence, many websites and bloggers are welcome comments with open arms.

How to Enable or Disable Blogger’s Comments section

Do your blogspot comments not displaying or look to stop displaying from earmark pages and posts? Only this series does well and always assist better. If you wish to remove old posts discussion or any earmark posts, then you should emulate this ways:

Firstly, go your blogspot dashboard and choose your posts or pages which you wish to conduct this process.

After selecting or opening earmark posts or pages, you’ll take a look at the following settings options.

  • Enable or Disable Blogspot Specific Posts and Pages Comments

)) Now click on options from the last and you’ll view some options to adjust now.

)) Only choose your intended option to activate and deactivate blogspot posts comment.

  • Options for all Pages and Posts Commenting

*  Allow: If you still want your posts and pages discussion, just click allow area.

*  Don’t Allow: To stop or disable comments, Only click this area and your post never allow for all comments.

If you plan to enable or disable comments from Blogger posts or pages, you should follow these steps. I hope you have understood the whole thing and if you have any questions, just keep your notes.


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