How to Convert WordPress Website into Beautiful Bangla Font

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Beautiful Bangla Font

Hello!! Welcome once again to all the tech thirsty folks – You are looking for this post because you’re a user of WordPress.  In this article, I will show you “How to Convert WordPress Website into Beautiful Bangla Font“.  We all want our Bengali blog (Website) to look beautiful mean smart, by using a beautiful or smart font with a simple WordPress design, and without using additional graphics or complex web development, you can give your website a very beautiful look. So if you want to change Bangla font mean if you want to use Stylish Bangla font on blogger blog or website created by WordPress then you can do it easily. If you like it, today’s post will give you the full details of your research on this topic at every step.


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There was a time before 2003 when writing a Bengali blog was out of the question, although the process of writing on a computer began in 1988, after Sir Mustafa Jabbar Bijoy (বিজয়) triumphed with the invention of the ASCII-Unicode-based Bengali input program. But, after March 26, 2003 (Bangladesh Independence Day), Bengali typing on Avro keyboard has become so popular and universal that writing Bangla blog is no longer a difficult task. Now the beautiful Bangla font is revealed, and from there you can expect to use the stylish Bangla font on your Blogger blog, blog or website created by WordPress.

There have some negative impact to add custom fonts. If you added too much fonts then website will seems slowdown.  But there have some benefits of adding custom fonts allow you to use beautiful combination of different fonts on your website to improve typography and user experience. In addition to looking beautiful, custom fonts can help you improve readability, build a brand image, and increase the amount of time users spend on your website.  If you are a WordPress user, I hope you are definitely looking for some same type articles too,

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How to Add Custom Fonts in WordPress


In this post, Today I will show you “How to Convert WordPress Website into Beautiful Bangla Font” using Google Fonts. 

Download suitable Bangla font from Google Fonts  and Install a Plugin from WordPress name is “Use Any Font“. Go to plugin and search “Use Any Font” You will see one plugin name- “Use Any Font | Custom Font Uploader” now Install and activated it.

Use Any Fonts

Use Any Fonts


After Installation and activation your WordPress Admin page will get an option like “Use Any Font” now click on it. What are you seeing now? check below I also added it as screenshot. First click on Generate api after click on verify it. Now click on Upload font.

Use Any Font

Use Any Font

Now click on upload font on Use Any Font plugin, Upload the .ttf file that you download from Google Fonts. See screenshot to do better way to upload.  Must use a Font Name on the Use Any Font box and select your .ttf file from your computer storage and upload it.

Upload Using Any Font

Upload Using Any Font


After successfully uploaded font, click on Assign Font from Assign Font menu. Assign font mean you need to select where you want to place the font, like as, Menu, Title, body etc by selecting font name and save it. That’s all




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