Google Adsense Approval Trick 2022 for WordPress Website

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Google Adsense Approval Trick 2022 for WordPress Website

It’s not possible to get money from Google without having an active Adsense account for your YouTube Channel or Web Blog Site or other Web digital property.  A lots of bloggers and YouTubers content maker’s primary earning source is Adsense. Here still some alternative for Google Adsense, but Google Adsense is one of top advertising platform for publishers. It helps bloggers or content creators to earn money by following their passion.

Basically, Google Adsense pays for a clicks but also now a days pays for Impressions and video plays on ads Impressions. On Google Adsense calculated as CPC mean Cost Per Click, Google Adsense CPC depends on advisers ads, Web Blog Site or other Web digital property’s – category, content quality and language also depends on visitors activities etc.

A web property owner can add multiple ads impressions to their article and website pages. If visitors come to their website to get information or anything else and click on those ads or watch ads content or video ads content then the blogger gets some money from it.

Adsense Approval Trick 2022

Adsense Approval Trick 2022

If you want to know Google Adsense Approval Trick 2022, So read this article carefully. By following the article’s all steps my website got approved within 9 days, I had post – 22, domain age 28 days only.


1. Design Your website

According to Google Adsense requirement you need a website. If you have already a website by own then first of make a good design. It should have to user friendly, mobile friendly, SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimzation friendly). That’s why, I always suggest to my all friends, try to create sites by using WordPress themes, because it helps you all the upper ways these were shared already.

95% plus bloggers or content writers, don’t know coding or web development things, but still they made them a great position to making money by using their website. Because the WordPress is just have to do drag and drop types works. It’s super easy and simple for any type of website. If you face any problem while customizing your blog website then search on google, youtube to get resolve them.


2. Create some Vital Pages

After Live your website now you need to make some basic pages for your website. All These pages will help you to get your site looks more trustable, authentic and professional. At least before applying to get Google Adsense, you have to must added some vital pages, these are much important or essential pages for your website.  I sharing these pages here in below.

1. Privacy Policy
2. Terms and Conditions
3. Disclaimer
4. Sitemap
5. About Us
6. Contact Us

Google Adsense team, rejected many new website because they don’t have these basic pages on their website. If you are using WP then You can make these pages easily from your WordPress admin panel. If you don’t know which details you have to add on those pages, then search on google “sitemap generator” or “terms and conditions generator” etc.

Then you just have to replace your name, your site name, email address etc, and rest things the web tools will provide you all. If you made then already then just add them on homepage- header or footer. It’s damn needed because it will help you to get Google Adsense Approval within some days.


3. Unique Quality Content

According to Google AdSense, webmaster quality guidelines, You have to give worth when posting content which will create a good reason for the traffic will visiting to your website. Also you have to must avoid any kind of copy content. It means, you have to write unique with valuable content on your website, it should be at least 10-20 before requesting to get an Adsense account.

Must mind it, Quality and quantity are equally important. Quality contents means, write an articles with more than 500 words from your own mind. quantity isn’t a main subject but you need to focus on importance. To getting valued topics you should stay study about topics, The Google Trends is one of good tools to get valued topics.

In my case, I was applied for Google Adsense Approval after posting 20+ quality content with 500+ words.


4. Avoid Copy Content

According to Google AdSense, webmaster quality guidelines, Copy content means- If you write or post an article quite the same as another site article, then this will be considered as copy content. For example ‘Religious Books’ is a good example of a copy website. Your content must be unique and useful. Google AdSense will not approve your account if you use copyrighted content. Post rich, unique and informative content. It not only helps you to get approval Google AdSense but also helps you bring more visitors to your website.

Also bear in mind, don’t use any copyrighted image on your website. Do not use a image that is downloaded from Google Search. It means don’t use any image that you got from some one else. You can use some image that you got from royalty free websites, But always try to use own image.


5. Use AdSense Supported Languages

Google Adsense will not approve you, if your website contents are written in some unsupported language. Now Google AdSense not allow every language, there are only some specific languages that Google allows.

Nowadays Google Adsense supports Bengali, Hindi, and other some Asian languages along with English. So I would suggest please check at least once your language google is supporting or not. Check your language from the list of google Supported Languages

6. Avoid illegal content

If you are publishing content that is commonly illegal or something like this, then your website will not be approved by Google Adsense.  I sharing an illegal content list here in below.

1. Adult / Pornographic / Sexual Content
2. Hacking / Cracking / Warez
3. Weapons & Guns
4. Poker / Gambling
5. Phishing
6. Drugs & Pharmacy
7. Any other illegal stuff

If you already posted some illegal contents on your website and Google team rejected your Google Adsense Approval Request, then check my list and remove those contents and request review again.


7. Submit on Search Engine Google, Bing to Get Organic Views

You need to submit your site to the “Google Search Console” first, It helps AdSense to better understand About your website contents and what goals of your website. Also same this time added your website on “Bing Webmaster Tools” it will help you to get organic visitors from Yahoo and Bing search engine. Because another primary requirement is “Organic Visitors” on your website for Google Adsense to apply. It is my personal opinion from my own experience. When I had applied for Google Adsense for my website after posted 20+ articles and getting some organic views.


8. Publish content While Adsense Verification

The Google AdSense team takes longer to verify your site when you apply for Google AdSense and does not publish any new articles during this time. After you apply for Google AdSense you need to add content.

So, after applying for Google AdSense, here are two steps you must need to know–

1. Don’t make any changes while Adsense verification(like- theme, layout, post URL etc)
2. Post new content during verification time.


All the points I mentioned above will help you get your AdSense account approved. I personally tried these strategies many times and got approved by Adsense right away. First, you have approved my AdSense account by applying all of the above. To make sure it wasn’t just luck, I also mentored my friend and he got his Adsense account approved on the third day of applying. So, follow the steps in this article. If you have any query or query related to any part of this tutorial, feel free to leave your comment in the comments section below.

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