6 Best WordPress Newspaper Themes in 2021

by First Editor

Are you looking for the best WordPress newspaper theme?

Newspaper websites require a theme that focuses on the site’s most recent and popular news and topics. There are many newspaper themes in the WordPress theme directory and on other websites, but selecting attractive, fascinating, and suitable themes is challenging. In this post, I’ll show you some of the greatest WordPress newspaper themes for your newspaper website.

Building a Newspaper Website with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website builder at the moment. Content management system (CMS) is another name for it. By investing some effort, anyone may create e-commerce, blog sites, newspapers, and other websites with WordPress. Even a novice WordPress user may develop their own personal website without having to learn any code. You need the cost of the domain and hosting, on the other hand. To make a website, you’ll need a domain name and web hosting. A domain name of the website is a unique address on the internet. Like facebook.com and google.com are example of domain name. The storing of all the files on your website is known as web hosting. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes that you can use for your newspaper website.

1. Divi Theme

Divi is a popular and feature-rich WordPress theme that will assist you in creating a visually appealing newspaper website. This theme has a sophisticated Page Builder that replaces the default WordPress Block Editor, allowing you to effortlessly edit your site in the frontend. This modern DV page builder includes various unique features that cater to the user experience, one of which is the ability to undo, redo, and amend information. There are a number of global styles and aspects that will assist you in keeping your design consistent.

2. Astra

Astra is a premium WordPress theme that is user-friendly and suitable for any sort of website. This theme comes with a variety of demos, one of which is ideal for newspaper and magazine websites. You may also use Page Builder to customize your design outside of the sample. This theme comes with a full-width template and will assist you in creating a newspaper or news aggregator website without having to alter any code via the theme settings panel. The Astra theme is also optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on WordPress. This feature will improve your website’s search engine rankings in Google and other search engines.

3. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a fantastic WordPress business theme that was created for newspapers, magazines, content and portfolio websites which make your website lightweight and colorful. This theme comes with numerous layouts, pre-made website templates, and RTL language compatibility. You may quickly add a video to your site’s header backdrop using the Custom Video capabilities. Hestia Pro integrates seamlessly with the most popular WordPress Page Builders, such as Page Builder, Element, Visual Composer, and more.
Hestia Pro is also completely compatible with bbPress, allowing you to create a forum on your online news site.

4. OceanWP

OceanWP is a gorgeous WordPress theme that may be found on a variety of sample sites, both premium and free. For newspaper and magazine websites, this theme features a lovely and fascinating template. This theme offers a variety of color schemes, backgrounds, custom fonts, and other features. You may install demo material with OceanWP’s One-Click Demo Import feature. OceanWP is a WordPress-based online store that is completely compatible with e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce.

5. Ultra

Ultra is a fantastic multi-purpose WordPress theme. It’s a fully complete newspaper, magazine, and content website theme. Bloggers will enjoy this theme as well. Custom landing pages, premium add-ons, and appealing page and post layouts are all included in this theme. Any WordPress website builder may easily alter this theme.
The BuddyPress plugin is compatible with the Ultra theme. This plugin will assist you in establishing a social network on your newspaper’s website.

6. SmartMag

SmartMag is a robust and flexible WordPress news theme. SmartMag is an outstanding WordPress theme for constructing news websites, with a long number of features. Because this theme has been a popular choice for producing content-rich websites for a few years, it has not only gathered a big user base, but it has also expanded in terms of the features available and the sorts of news sites it can accommodate.

The Conclusion

I hope you have learned about the top WordPress newspaper themes through this article. I have tried to explain the article in simple language and I hope we have been able to inform you easily. The themes shown in the article will help you to create a good and modern news website.


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