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Dogecoin was promoted as a prank cryptocurrency, but nowadays it has a market capitalisation of $7 billion and is widely followed globally. How did all this happen? Dogecoin was a mockery cryptocurrency manufactured in late 2013 by Adobe Product Marketing Director Jackson Palmer and software engineer Billy Marcus. The duo set the programme to be “as silly as possible” and centered around a popular Internet meme of the Japanese shiba inu “doge”. It might say meaningless phrases. It’s like ‘wow so’ and ‘he’s tired’. One of main reason is of course, with current acceptances from celebrities (exemplary, Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk), Dogecoin has resolved itself from a token of light genuine-world consideration to a Top 10 cryptocurrency by market capitalisation.

1. Doge meme was popular on itself

Note that Dogecoin was named after the Doge meme that became actually much popular in 2013. apropos build much people animate of blockchain technology and its powerful, the manufacturers of Dogecoin came simultaneously to build the coin. So the Dogecoin stroll climbed onto the recent ripple of Doge meme popularity at the time.

Then Dogecoin was started in 2013 and named since the meme, the currency not deep at first it became popular in the crypto place. It was informed for connecting extremely technical concepts and a joke stuff. So, if we are surprising why Dogecoin became so popular, we must keep in mind that it was risen out of a popular meme.

2. It has fantastic security features

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that operates on blockchain technology. Blockchain is known for its strong security and hence Dozecoin is a go-to coin when people are searching for a strong secure asset as a treasure trove of value. Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer network that uses proof-of-work algorithms similar to bitcoin. However, the coin uses a script mining algorithm that makes its mining demand less energy, giving Dozcoin an border over other cryptocurrencies like BTC.

3. Its wide endorsements between celebrities


This is ironic because Dogecoin—or “dog stock”, as internet celebrity Mia Khalifa calls it, was invented in lieu of bitcoin; It was meant as a transmission of the full-blown madness of the cryptocurrency industry, where hype is a common indicator and meme rules.

Elon Musk has been tweeting about Dogecoin since at least April 2, 2019, when he shared a sarcastic article from The Onion about bitcoin price volatility, saying: “The value of Dogecoin can change. ” He followed: “Dozecoin might be my favorite cryptocurrency. It is so much fun.”

Dogecoin Wrap has attracted stars, YouTubers, bodybuilders and actors. Since last summer there has been a steady increase in the number of tweets from high-profile fans, along with increased enthusiasm for Dodgecoin to mask. American rapper Lil Yachty says he plans to invest a third of his assets in Dogecoin and has been a cryptocurrency since the beginning of this month.

4. Easy to Purchase with Huge Supply

Dogecoin is the simple way to buy. The cryptocurrency exchange platform offers the most handy way to buy Dogecoin. All you have to do is make a digital wallet that can be done on the official web-site of any cryptocurrency exchange platform and select a reputable exchange like Binance or Coinbase. The user also needs some bitcoin to exchange with Doge and that’s it. Now you can get turning with your purchase of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin has the greatest circulating supply of currencies. Dozcoin holds the greatest circulating supply space in the crypto market. Since both the founders of Dogecoin wanted this to be a ridiculous joke, they thought of creating as many Dogecoin units as possible. Therefore, they provide a circulation of 127 million dosecoins, which is comparatively larger than the volume of other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum. To date, about 113 billion Dogecoins are already mine. Every day 10,000 new Dogecoins are issued at Block Rewards. Every minute, approximately 14.4 million new Dogecoins are being circulated every day; Hence, 5.2 billion Dogecoin per year.

5. Viral on Social Media and much Fanbase

Dogecoin has a lots of fan groupies in the social and entertainment world. Dodgecoin indicates to have acquired popularity between top some celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Kevin Jonas, Gene Simmons, and Elon Musk. Recently, Jonas’ older brother Kevin Jonas posted, “What I’m saying, Dodge,” showing his interest in Dodgecoin. Gene Simmons of the classic rock band Kiss also made a big radiance that he has six figures in Dogecoin, whereas some have been posting comedy images or comments on social media ennobling the crypto and trying to change some people’s appreciations. trying. dogecoin

It has been extensively performed on social media from the origin of Dogecoin. Platforms like Reddit and Twitter accepted Dogecoin in their early days. They began ennobling it by clicking Dogecoin to content makers, which became a lots of success for Dogecoin. Dogecoin started attracting the attention of every user on these platforms. I think Twitter is the inheritor to Dodgecoin because every day someone out there tweets about Dodgecoin. Later, other platforms like TikTok also begin making interest in Dogecoin. in the summer of 2020. Tik-Tok establish Dogecoin Challenge to encourage people to spend in Dogecoin.


All these current acquirements and progressions have contributed greatly to the popularity of Dogecoin. So the afterwards you surprise why Dogecoin is thriving so popular, you will instantly be able to point out a few factors that could back the altcoin.



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